About Retire4one

Retire4one facilitates a speedy and simple Solo(k) account setup for self-employed individuals with expert support.

Why did I start Retire4one?

Hi, I’m Christopher Dieringer, Founder and CEO of Retire4one. I have been in the Retirement Plan Industry for over 30 years. I worked at a few Third Party Administration (TPA) companies before starting my own TPA firm in Menasha, WI (National Administration, Inc. – NAI). While at NAI, I noticed that the TPA industry looked upon Solo(k) Plans as more of a nuisance than their higher priced regular 401(k) plans.

In my last few years at NAI, I noticed that the Solo(k) market didn’t get the attention they deserved because the asset level can be lower than that of a company that has employees. They didn’t get the level of service they deserved, nor was the pricing affordable. So, I sold my business to focus on the Solo(k) market and that is the only type of plan we will bring on.


With the new passage of SECURE 2.0, it opened up the capability to be able to put multiple employers into one plan with the purpose of being able to provide lower cost solutions for smaller retirement plans. That is exactly what I am doing. I’m concentrating on Solo 401(k) plans under the new rules to provide an effective, low cost solution to Soloprenuers.

Retire4one’s main objective is to be able to provide a low cost solution while being able to provide top quality service that is usually only available for large plans.


Why We’re Different


Core Investment options:

Core group of investment options
selected by an independent
fiduciary (hundreds more available)

5500 Form filing:

We handle the filing for all our customers, simplifying tax management.

Quick setup:

Establishing a Solo 401(k) with Retire4one takes only 3-5 minutes, compared to weeks with other providers.
Experience the Retire4one advantage and gain control over your financial future.

Curious how Solo 401(k)s can benefit your business?